About Us

Inspirational publications from around the world. From self-published ‘zines to commercially produced books, and everything in between, anything vaguely book-like is considered for the blog.

We have a love for all manner of editorial design, and want to share my inspirational discoveries with others who share my passion, whilst also promoting the creative individuals behind the work.

If you wish to submit your own creations, you can submit stuff through the blog, or you can get in touch via my Facebook page or Twitter account.

Promote your design work

We are always looking out for any well-designed, creative, or just unique printed publication that I can feature, such as:
• Magazines
• Fanzines
• Catalogues
• Portfolios
• Programs
• Brochures
• Comics
…and of course, books.

I consider featuring anything printed with a vaguely book-like construction, whether it’s mass-produced, or a lone self published creation.

Submit content & get featured

You can use the form below to tell me about your submissions and upload images directly (a minimum of 620px wide please).

Please include as much detail as you wish, such as paper stock, number of pages, printing method, as well as links to your online store, your portfolio or wherever you would like me to send readers.

If you want to just contact me with a promotional offer or to tell me about an upcoming project, then you can email me directly at William@ksdesigners.com
Want to send me a physical copy?

I love to get cool stuff on the post. If you want to send me a copy of your latest ‘zine or whatever, get in touch using the form above and I’ll email you a postal address.

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