How we help self-publishers

Building the leap into self-publishing is not for the faint-of-heart. But you can be successful! we know this because we have been concerned in self-publishing since 2006. And we have assisted various self-publishers down this same path.

Now, when we say you can be successful, it´s because the first thing the potential author/publisher has to choose is, “How do we describe victory?” And consider me; there are as several replies as there are books being published.

To assist you respond the query we just pretended above. This is dangerous at the beginning of your project, because it will power all you do.

To assist you create a book that is as fine in editing, design, and production values as any book from a huge publisher beside which you may fight in the marketplace.

To construct a book that be conventional to all business principles so you don´t have to worry about building some dire mistake that will forever after mark you as an “amateur” (jolt).

To protect the extensive speculation you are making in time, attempt, dedication and cold hard cash from the “self – publishing” vultures looking to scam you and leave you holding a piece of rubbish instead of a beautiful book.

How we help publishers

We propose a logical set of services for publishers who do not preserve their own in-house design section or full-time copy editing and production staff. Small – to medium – sized publishers can decide from a group of services – book design, cover design, copy editing, proofreading, indexing, illustration, and production management – to get their books into print. Examples are:

Publishers who have slim down their staff to the point there is no one left to actually produce the books.

Publishers with books expected at a common trade viewers but who are too small to even have a staff to produce them.

Publishers with authors who desire a local designer to take over the day – to – day production of their book.

Publishers with a “special” book that demands outstanding typography, but for which they have the same old budget.

If you´re a publisher with too many books and not sufficient time, and you require someone who will have your book to the printer on the actual day you requested then give us a call.

How we charge for all this

One of the motives we love the book business is that every project is different. However, this makes it quite tricky to give pricing guidelines because every project is different.

The complete best way to get a correct price from us is to call or email with details of your project. The more we know, the more correct your estimate will be.

You´ll obtain an estimate with the following expenditure outlined:
Design fee – you´ll obtain three sample interior designs, each unique and different, and together we will refine the design.

Page layout fee – this will be a per page rate to actually lay out the complete book. Multiply the page fee by the number of pages and you have a total.

Cover design fee – the same as interior, but for your book cover or jacket.

Copy editing, proofreading, indexing, illustrations, scanning and whatever else it´s going to take – these optional services are provided, and incorporated on the estimate, only for projects on which they are needed.

On some projects, we even get the books printed for you if you need that service.